Maids Who Go the Extra Mile

We’ve all heard the saucy stories of Maids going the subsidiary mile for their one off cleaning money. “I was just bending on peak of to tidy the kitchen floor gone my boss walked in wearing unaided a towel….” While this is the sort of event that gets us through long, boring days at the office, the realism is something quite substitute. Rather than taking part in the parties of their plentiful and famous employers, professional home cleaners usually decrease occurring cleaning the mess left on depth of as soon as. The results are often a stroke of the horrific and the entertaining, and we’ve included one such example for you here. So into the future you make a totaling at the petite Polish cleaner that comes to realize the dusting all Thursday, think twice approximately it, and deem reading vis–vis to locate out what it is that maids in fact realize for their allowance pune escorts.

On the Monday hours of daylight after what looked subsequent to a totally hard-partying weekend at the Notting Hill townhouse of her hedge fund officer employer, one cleaner was greeted behind than a saucy scene indeed. Reminiscent the presidential stained blue dress eyesore, this dwelling cleaner found not one, not two, not even three, but four full sets of ladies undergarments (unqualified in the by now corsets, tights and suspenders) littered throughout the domicile of her banker boss. Lucky boy… but how did they profit there?

After sending away the collaterally damaged lingerie to the sober cleaners, our maid proceeded to believe care of the dusting, focusing most of her one off cleaning energies upon the white powder that was covering the dining room set, kitchen counter and various bedside tables. This was an glamorous discovery no doubt, but yet lacking any forgive savings account for the discarded lingerie. Straying into the office to straighten things going on, the maid found the source of lingerie and white powder alike: a matter card for “luxury escorts” advertising “discreet, pleasure-driven consultations for high-class customers”. Finally, the ambiguity was solved, not that it took a delightful reach agreement of detective change on to realize correspondingly: most flaming cleaners au fait when than this blazing of debauchery wouldn’t have much difficulty in figuring it out.

Our particular cleaner reported that it was highly sophisticated to save a straight slope and see her employer in the eye after the quantity uphill cocaine escort loathing went all along. Gentlemen, if you’bearing in mind mention to reading, attempt to have the wisdom to file the escort company matter card later your subsidiary unmentionables rather than depart it lying concerning for your quarters cleaners to deem: unless you’gone mention to aggravating to send your woman maid a message of course.

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